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BVBVK/UPBIF Energy supplement may 2023

Below you can find the energy surcharge that has come into effect from today, i.e. the monthly surcharge.

 Portable Document Format (PDF) BVBVK energieprijstoeslag mei 2023.pdf (pdf, 187 KB)

The BVBVK starts with energy surcharge

Since energy prices shot through the roof last year, the BVBVK has introduced the "energy price surcharge".

This is a calculation based on objective data, namely the Belpex prices that are published daily on the Elexys website, in order to be able to communicate transparently to customers on a monthly or quarterly basis. When average energy prices rise, a surcharge is received; when average energy prices fall, this obviously works the other way round. It is therefore comparable to the diesel surcharge.

Read more : Portable Document Format (PDF) BVBVK-UPBIF energy supplement February 2022.pdf (pdf, 153 KB)



BVBVK/UPBIF - Look behind the scenes

A federation for the cold storage industry is of paramount importance: it's a body of information that acts as interlocutor and spokesperson in collective sensitive issues affecting the future of your industry and your business.

L'Union Belge d'Entrepôts Frigorifiques is not only a central contact point: now, you receive a lot of information without looking it up yourself. In discussions with policy makers on the environmental costs and  food policy , you will find in the Belgian Cold Storage Association a staunch supporter of our industry. Got questions? L'Union Belge d'Entrepôts Frigorifiques (BVBVK/UPBIF) makes every effort to respond to you directly or via its extensive network.